The “BIG IDEA” Workshop #2

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5 Biggest Mistakes When Building a Quiz Funnel

1. Wrong Tools

2. Wrong Process

3. Wrong Offer

4. Wrong Hook


Types of Questions to Ask in in Your Quiz

1. Easy to Answer

2. Diagnosis

3. Demographic

4. Personalized and Natural

5. Lead Capture

3 Questions to Avoid in Your Quiz

1. YES or NO

2. Open Ended

3. Multiple Choices

The Right Number of Questions to Ask in Quiz

It’s 5 – 12


The Big Idea

the big idea

Coming up with a big idea for your quiz is a very important step in building the successful quiz funnel. The very first thing to do is to choose the topic for your quiz.

Steps to Build Your Quiz

steps to build successful quiz

The first step to do when building your quiz is to brainstorm and pick the Quiz Topic. There are many different ways how to find the great topics that people seek solutions for. The best way is to be asking questions about what people most struggle with, something that is deeply attached to their emotions, things that they are extremely curious about, hot topics in media, myths, and misconceptions, or tremendous potential of gain or loss.

The second step is to choose your framework.

3 Main Quiz Frameworks

1. Type Quiz

The psychology behind categorical perception, the humans need to create labels organize in life to avoid anxiety.

2. Killer Quiz

Help to identify the biggest mistake in people’s lives that is holding them back. Fear of loss is greater than a promise of gain.

3. Score Quiz

Based on the psychology of people’s need to compare themselves to others.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass with All Crazy Bonuses Will Be Gone in

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