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Quiz Funnel Blueprint Workshop #3

Quiz Funnel Blueprint Download & Workshop

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The Quiz Funnel Masterclass with All Crazy Bonuses Will Be Gone in

Download the FREE PDF Quiz Funnel Blueprint Mindmap

This is the single most popular part of the workshop where people really start seeing the whole “Bigger” picture and begin taking massive action. Download your free PDF Quiz Funnel Blueprint mindmap and get the ball rolling.


The Quiz Funnel Blueprint

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The “BIG IDEA” Workshop #2

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Free Training and PDF Workbook Download

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass with All Crazy Bonuses Will Be Gone in

Quiz Funnel pdf Workbook dowload

5 Biggest Mistakes When Building a Quiz Funnel

1. Wrong Tools

2. Wrong Process

3. Wrong Offer

4. Wrong Hook


Types of Questions to Ask in in Your Quiz

1. Easy to Answer

2. Diagnosis

3. Demographic

4. Personalized and Natural

5. Lead Capture

3 Questions to Avoid in Your Quiz

1. YES or NO

2. Open Ended

3. Multiple Choices

The Right Number of Questions to Ask in Quiz

It’s 5 – 12


The Big Idea

the big idea

Coming up with a big idea for your quiz is a very important step in building the successful quiz funnel. The very first thing to do is to choose the topic for your quiz.

Steps to Build Your Quiz

steps to build successful quiz

The first step to do when building your quiz is to brainstorm and pick the Quiz Topic. There are many different ways how to find the great topics that people seek solutions for. The best way is to be asking questions about what people most struggle with, something that is deeply attached to their emotions, things that they are extremely curious about, hot topics in media, myths, and misconceptions, or tremendous potential of gain or loss.

The second step is to choose your framework.

3 Main Quiz Frameworks

1. Type Quiz

The psychology behind categorical perception, the humans need to create labels organize in life to avoid anxiety.

2. Killer Quiz

Help to identify the biggest mistake in people’s lives that is holding them back. Fear of loss is greater than a promise of gain.

3. Score Quiz

Based on the psychology of people’s need to compare themselves to others.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass with All Crazy Bonuses Will Be Gone in

Previous Quiz Funnel Workshop #1



Quiz Funnel Workshop

Personalization Phenomenon Workshop #1

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This is the first free Quiz Funnel Workshop training with “Quiz Master” Ryan Levesque. In this training Ryan goes through what he calls the “Personalization Phenomenon” and 3 main reason why to implement quiz funnels in your business.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass with All Crazy Bonuses Will Be Gone in

3 Reasons Why Quiz Funnels

  1. Incredibly Cheap Leads
  2. Very High Conversions
  3. Super Fast Results

Cheap Leads

The price of how much it costs you to attain a lead and hopefully a customer is one of the most important numbers in business. So if the cost per lead can be cut down half then it is a big deal, but what about 3x, 5x, or even 10 and 20x less?

Well, that’s the power of Quiz Funnels, high engagement, and incredibly low cost per lead.

Ryan shows several real person examples of what is possible to achieve with the right quiz funnel for the right business. Those are a Beta group of people who got Quiz Funnels last year when it first time opened and who are already running 5 to 6 figure businesses using Quiz Funnels as the main tool to drive in leads and convert them into paying customers.

High Conversions

Probably all of us have heard at some stage in life that the conversion rate is the most important metric in business, even more important than traffic and the number of leads getting into the funnel.

And it is kind of true.

If you have a lot of traffic that doesn’t convert how useful is that, right?

But on the other hand, if you have little traffic that converts extremely well, you still end up with something, and if you tweak and scale up to get more traffic, problem solved.

On average, Quiz Funnel students experience 3x higher conversions with quizzes, but 5x is also not unusual.


Fast Results

Getting fast results is also critical. You don’t want to wait for months or years to build a business.

What Quiz Funnels allow you is to generate leads through quizzes and learning about what people need and want before you even have the product.

This is very important and that’s where a lot of businesses burn out because they first create the product and then they hope someone will want it and buy it.

But in this case, we go right opposite.

We learn about people’s challenges and struggles using the quiz and then provide them with a personalized solution that allows you to move really fast forward in business and not back or getting stuck with a product that nobody wants.


Is Quiz Funnels a Legitimate Training?

I tell you that as much as Ryan Levesque himself.

Ryan has built multiple million-dollar businesses using the quiz methodology and asking the right questions, and one of his education companies called Ask Method has been featured in 500 inc as America’s number 50 fastest growing company. He’s been featured in many popular business magazines like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Many Big and highly successful businesses are using Ryan’s strategies to drastically increase their revenue.

But let Ryan tell you himself how quiz funnels can positively transform the business.

Is a Quiz Funnel Right For You?

To answer this question is yes, but first, you must know or determine what is it that you are going to sell online. Is it a product, multiple products, service, consulting, coaching, etc?

According to Ryan, there are 6 Ways to Know what you will learn when you watch the free training.

Ryan will also tell you the 3 Fastest ways to make money with quiz funnel as if he was going to start from scratch again what he would do.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass with All Crazy Bonuses Will Be Gone in


QuizFunnels Masterclass bonus

Masterclass & Software

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The Quiz Funnel Masterclass with All Crazy Bonuses Will Be Gone in

Quiz has been one of the most engaging factors in the marketing world for decades, way before the internet. Quiz catches the focus and attention of the person and engages them in answering the questions based on their opinions. It’s a powerful way to learn about the person, what they are like, what they prefer and want, etc.

Surely every one of us would remember the time filling in the quiz, eager to find out more or getting the final answer no matter what the question is.

I can tell that this is not any psychological controlling way of convincing people into something, but rather to let them explore more about themselves and what is it that they truly want.

Including quizzes in business is a very good way of attracting and engaging with customers and clients. Ryan is the master of asking the best questions in order to attract the best customers in business and make them feel happy and comfortable instead of agitated and nervous about whether your business is the right fit for them to solve their problems. So let’s dive into this Quiz Funnel review and explore if it can transform your business and relationship with new and existing customers and clients.

What Is QuizFunnels?

QuizFunnels is a brand new program in form of online masterclass training and automation software. The training teaches how to use quizzes in everyday business to engage with new and existing customers and clients so they can learn more about themselves or their business, which makes them happier and increases the trust factor by the fold.

Also, Quiz is a great way for you to learn more about your customer without them feeling like they are being pushed or giving something away for free. The well-designed quiz makes them want to take the quiz and go through it as if they were answering the questionnaire at the DMV.

We will try to answer some most common questions about QuizFunnel Masterclass and Software that people have.

What and Who Is Quiz Funnel Masterclass For?

  • Anyone who is a business owner or entrepreneur and wants to generate business leads and customers online.
  • Anyone who wants to build an email list and grow their audience.
  • Anyone who is starting a new business from scratch.
  • Anyone who has an existing business and wants to expand.
  • Anyone with multiple offers like affiliate marketers will hugely benefit from this amazing training and tool.
  • E-Commerce, coaching, consulting, affiliate marketing, traditional businesses, services, and many more.

Why QuizFunnels Proof

Quiz Funnel is a beginner friendly, so even if you never did any kind of marketing online and are starting from scratch, this is for you!



Why QuizFunnels?

What Makes QuizFunnels Better than Other Quiz Tools?

Here is an example of the QuizFunnel landing page with super high opt-in conversion rates of up to 85%.


High Converting QuizFunnel landing optin page example

In the QuizFunnel Masterclass, Ryan will use this landing page as an example, and everyone can watch in real-time over the shoulder how he is building a quiz funnel and much, much, more.

Here are 5 Main Reasons Why:

  1. Super Cheap Leads – It’s well known that well-designed quizzes can drive the cost per lead more than 10x down from the original cost, all because of the high level of engagement. Meaning that if your original ad spent cost per lead was $10, you can expect it to drop down to as little as $1 cost per lead.
  2. Increased Volume of Leads/Customers – Businesses that started implementing and using quizzes in their marketing are seeing 10 – 100x increase in leads.
  3. Highly Valuable Data – It’s not just the engagement of your potential customers when they take a quiz, but your business is also getting super relevant valuable data about your customers, what your ideal customers are, and what are their needs.
  4. Incredibly High Conversions – Thanks to all the answers that you are getting from your quizzes, you can organize all that data and customize your offer based on that data. This is increasing the conversions and sales by many times.
  5. Better Serve Your Customers/Clients – All of this ultimately leads to a better customer experience because your business can serve them better.

Of course, there are many more highly positive benefits to implementing QuizFunnels in your business, it’s a never-ending conversation keeping your customers engaged through asking them relevant questions.


Proof of Results?


When it comes to new strategies and techniques many people are looking for proof that this or that thing works. In this case, the results speak for themselves because Ryan Levesque and his team and students have a long track record, they’ve been using this for well over 10 years.

There are literally hundreds of successful students who have implemented the Asking Questions method in their business and grew exponentially.

Also, if you check out every successful online entrepreneur and what they do in order to grow and expand their business, you’ll see that mostly they ask questions that help them to understand how they can serve their customers better.


The “QuizFunnel Masterclass” OFFER

QuizFunnel Masterclass Review

The main product behind QuizFunnels is the QuizFunnel Masterclass.

It’s the 6-week training program based on Ryan’s LIVE in-person training Bootcamp that attendees paid $5000 each to attend. That is an actual, not exaggerated amount that people actually paid just for the ticket.

The entire Masterclass includes the LIVE training, Q&As, Funnel examples and reviews, Private FB group, and more.

The Masterclass Training Outline:

Module 1 – Your Quiz Hook

Module 2 – Your Quiz Questions

Module 3 – Your Post-Quiz Offer

Module 4 – Your Quiz Pages

Module 5 – Your Traffic Strategy

Module 6 – Optimization and Beyond…



  • LIVE Q&A Calls
  • LIVE QuizFunnels Reviews
  • Step-by-Step Checklist & Templates
  • Examples with Ultimate Quiz Swipe File
  • Support and Private FB Group
  • Lifetime Access to the Training


High-Value Bonuses

 Bucket 2.0 Enterprise Software ($4500 value)

The last 18 months of development were put into this incredible software, the backbone of QuizFunnels. This is a brand new software, and it is not available to the public and the only way to get access to this tool is through this Quiz Funnels launch offer.

It integrates with over 87 other marketing software tools, and it is not some quickly cooked app with exaggerated value. Once available to the public the software will be sold for a $2000 setup fee + $200 every month after.


Bonus Training on How to Choose Your Niche and Build Business

This is Extra training for those who are new, haven’t started any business yet, or/and don’t know where and how to start. This training will teach you everything one needs to know to pick a niche and start a business.


Done-for-You Quiz Funnel ($5000 Value Super Bonus)

According to Ryan, this is the Mother of All Bonuses. The team will go and build the entire high converting quiz funnel for you based on your questions and the criteria that you provide.

So not only you are learning how to build high converting quiz funnels for your business, your very own personalized quiz funnel will be built for you by the team of experts, making sure that nothing is left out.


Quiz Funnels Cost

The cost of the Quiz Funnel Masterclass with software and all bonuses is a one-time payment of $1999 or 3 monthly payments of $799. Keep in mind that the price must be the everywhere same, if you see someone offering Quiz Funnels for less or more it’s definitely not genuine, and most likely it’s a scam, not to mention that it’s also against the rules.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass with All Crazy Bonuses Will Be Gone in






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